Dr. Michael M. Tophoff

Michael Tophoff was born in Bremen, Germany, and graduated at the Jesuit College St.Aloysius in The Hague, Netherlands. He studied Clinical Psychology at the University of Utrecht and specialized in Psychotherapy, Group Process and Sensory Awareness (Charlotte Selver) in Europe and in the USA. He received Zen training in Japan (Omori Sogen Roshi).

He obtained his Doctorate at the University of Utrecht with a dissertation on Buddhism and Management.

Dr. Tophoff teaches Personal Skills at the University of Amsterdam and publishes widely in the fields of Management, Ethics, Buddhism, Sensory Awareness, Psychotherapy and Health.
He is a student of Chinese Martial Arts.

Dr. Tophoff conducts management seminars in Europe and Asia on Person-centered Human Resource Management. Here, he focuses both on mental and physical health and illness prevention, and on personal power and autonomy. In this way, enriching competencies such as connective communication, stress tolerance and inner balance are developed.

At the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam he is currently studying for a Master in Theology and Religion (Buddhism).

His partner is the artist Annemarie van Haeringen.